For a number of years, I have been increasingly interested in different aspects of sustainable living, and I have been taking steps to align my lifestyle with what I learn. I am proud to say that I can’t remember the last time I ordered takeaway coffee in a disposable mug, or purchased water in a single-use bottle. These are simple changes that my husband, Chris, has also made. I actually think the amount of waste we have reduced is pretty significant- we love coffee! We try to be mindful about what we buy, avoiding excessive packaging and deals we don’t need, but we are still throwing away more than I am comfortable with.

When we found out I was pregnant, we started planning and preparing for all the things we would need to welcome our shiny, new human into the world. I think I was a little shocked. I knew quite quickly that I wanted to try and do things differently. How did babies survive before the invention of disposable everything? How do parents survive when a new pram alone costs the same as a small car? We are doing what we can to raise our baby with minimal waste.

Why stop there?

So, here were are. We are now a family of three humans and two dogs. It’s time to get serious about our habits and to make some changes. This is not a new years resolution, it’s a long-term lifestyle goal. I’m not expecting all of our bad habits to break overnight. This is going to be a journey. A long one. I am already anticipating the struggle to avoid the biscuit aisle, the fights with the husband about kitchen roll, the challenge of having nicely fragranced armpits and frizz-free hair.

That is why these will be ‘the waste less weeks’. Each week we will aim to waste less, with the end goal of being waste-free (or close to it) somewhere in the not-too-distant future.

Join us?