Week 16: New Motivation

Oh hey blog…It’s been a while.

Sorry for the drought, but it’s tough being a blogger, especially when you have been busy breaking records for the longest time a Londoner has lived without Wi-fi. On top of that, the only place to get phone signal in our house is in the room where the baby sleeps. Less than ideal. Anyway…

Happy Earth Day, earthlings.

As it’s Earth Day, it seems like a good time to get things back on track and to reflect on progress.

It’s been a slog. As I’ve whined on about since this blog started, our living situation has been temporary for so long, it feels permanent. Our resources to waste less are limited as so much of our stuff remains packed away in boxes. We waste less where we can- coffee cups, water bottles, cloth nappies and wipes, etc. We are yet to get really creative. At last, the end is in sight! We will have keys to our new home in just a couple of days, and then the fun can begin!

Our new home needs rather a lot of attention. After months of waiting, it’s a huge relief to finally start making plans for the work that needs to be done. Most exciting is our intention to put wasting less at the core of the work. The temptation to take the easier (and much quicker) route of a new bathroom and kitchen has certainly been high, especially for me. It has felt like the end of my maternity leave is a looming deadline for us to be settled. The delays have meant there is absolutely no chance of that now. Thankfully, Chris has been a voice of reason on this. He loves the idea of wasting less, but that’s not his only motivation…When he was told the average cost of a new kitchen is around £15,000 (whaaaat?? ), it’s like he took it as a personal challenge to knock a couple of zeros off. Yes please! We’ll report back on that one.

I’m so glad he didn’t let me lose heart here. There is no way this renovation will be zero waste (there is stuff in the house that I’m sure cannot be saved) but we are determined to create as little waste as possible. We made a commitment to change our habits and challenge our norms in order to leave a smaller footprint on this planet. This is an opportunity to create a home that works with that.

We’ve already had offers of unwanted furniture and paint to get things started (amazing!) and we’ve found some paint reuse schemes and salvage sites we plan to check out… we may have even got ourselves a preloved oak kitchen to work with! Watch this space!

Any advice, tips, recommendations or DIY skills you’d like to share are most welcome!

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