Week 9: Waste Less Limbo

We are still living in limbo, with no idea when our packed up belongs will be liberated. Part of me wonders if we really need any of it… we’ve survived a month already with just the bare essentials.

Even as I write that, I realise how privileged we are. We are in a lovely, warm house. There is space for the baby to safely perfect his crawl (mostly due to us having no furniture set up). We love it here, and we really do have plenty, but the temporary nature of it is quite exhausting. It’s especially infuriating when trying to waste less. There have been so many times we’ve  needed something that we know we have, but where? Cue frantic and fruitless searches. It’s like a game of Tetris- minus any fun- each time you need to get to something. Certain wasteful items have crept back into our lives, like kitchen roll, because ‘Where the **** are all the tea towels?’.

On the brighter side, we’ve been making the most of the decent kitchen and freezer by batch cooking nice soups, curries and sauces. Mostly they are produced waste free with vegetables from the farmers market. Perfect comfort food for all the glorious spring weather we’ve been having.

We are also enjoying planning the work the new place needs. It’s a project. We are hoping to find used kitchen and bathroom fittings online. Please share any good tips for renovating a house with minimal waste! That is going to be our biggest waste-less challenge yet… please, please, PLEASE bring it on!

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