Week 8: “It’ll be fine, I’ll just wash them in the sink.”

We just had our first family holiday, and it was exactly what we needed. We chose Center Parcs because we didn’t want to go very far, and we found a very good last minute deal. For five days, we walked, cycled, swam, dined and rested! Center Parcs is built for families of every shape, size and age range and although we were a little worried that it was geared to families with older children, the fresh air and subtropical swimming pool can tire out even the most nap shy baby. As an added bonus, the heavy blackout curtains in our hotel room delayed morning for at least an extra hour each day.

As we booked last minute and Chris was working, packing was left to me. If you follow us on Instagram, you might have noticed my small nappy induced panic the night before we left. How do you do cloth nappies in a hotel room? Well…with some difficulty, to be totally honest.

Rather than our favoured all-in-one nappies, we decided to try a two part system using our night-time wraps and boosters as inners. This was partly to save space, but mostly because hand washing and air drying all-in-ones in a small hotel room was likely to take all year. Maybe there was a laundrette somewhere, (we didn’t see one) but if there was, we didn’t feel comfortable turning up with a bag of dirty nappies while other guests waited to wash their delicates. So they were soaked in a sink of nappy potion and rinsed in the shower before drying on the towel rail. The system worked, but it definitely took some serious dedication to the cause.

What did we learn? Well…

– If you hand wash nappies in your hotel room, you are winning at wasting less.The plastic inflatable baby ring you purchased for the swimming pool canbe overlooked just this once.

– We don’t have enough outer wraps. They had to be washed and dried a couple of times a day! (Thanks for the perfectly timed print release, tots bots!)

– Cloth nappies need washing machines. No matter how thoroughly you hand wash, the stink won’t leave. It won’t leave your hotel room either…

– Reusable swim nappies are amazing. We swam every day and only needed one.

Forgetting the nappies, the holiday was great! Having a baby makes every experience new and exciting again, like meeting ducks. So much joy can be found through the eyes of a baby. Center Parcs is a long way from being waste free, but it is a great place to waste less. Just like any other day, if you want to avoid waste, go prepared…and crack the window open a few times a day.

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