Week 6: Sharing the Love

We’ve moved! It’s temporary, so we’ll be moving again, but boxes are boring so time for a change of subject.

As this blog is late (again) and it is now Valentine’s day, it seems appropriate to share some love.

So as Maria would say; These are a few of our favourite waste-less things:

1) Family and friends

Firstly, and most importantly, there is no greater zero waste resource than the people around you. Sharing, borrowing, giving, loaning…we are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by so many kind and generous people. As I write this, our boy is napping in a preloved pram, hand-me-down outfit, hand-knitted cardigan (not my handiwork) and borrowed wool snuggle suit. He is quite literally wrapped up in love. Thank you!

2) Cloth nappies

For us, this was the best zero waste parenting decision we made. Using cloth nappies can save around 5000 nappies from landfill/incineration per child, and can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 40%. This can depend on how you look after your nappies: cool washing cycles, full machine, line/airer drying all make a big difference. We have a collection of about 25 all-in-one nappies, 5 bamboozle night nappies and a selection of boosters (some of our nappies and most of the boosters were pre-loved). This allows us to do a wash every 3 days. There is no need to boil, soak or bleach cloth nappies anymore, so 2 extra washes a week is really not a big deal. And if you use them again, or pass them on, even better. My sister already has her eye on our nappy stash… it probably helps that they look totally gorgeous on tiny bums too!

3) Guppyfriend

This is our new nappy wash companion. As the liners we use are fleece (they are amazing at keeping the baby feeling dry and the nappies stain free) they can shed microplastics in each wash. This is something that REALLY bothers me. With few other options that do the job as well, the Guppyfriend is helping us reduce this problem until we find a decent alternative (suggestions welcome!). All our wet fleeces now get washed inside the Guppyfriend, find out more about how this works here. I wouldn’t recommend using this for dirty nappies, unless you want poo in the corners.

4) Coffee cups

We love coffee. We love our cups. They have already diverted thousands of disposables from waste. Ecoffee Cup is my favourite as it is long lasting, light to carry and plastic free. The glass Keepcup is also a winner in our house.

5) Water bottles

Cold, fresh water to hand everywhere we go? Yes please. My water bottle has become my best friend, especially these last few months. Parenthood is thirsty work!

Trying to cut out waste can be a real challenge, but there are so many ways to enjoy it too! I look forward to seeing the waste-less-loves of other people… share the love, please! Maybe you’ll inspire someone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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