Week 5: Life Still in Boxes

Alas, we are still where we were a week ago. These things never go to plan. Living with almost all of your life packed away is hard. The boxes have multiplied and been joined by borrowed suitcases and bags. Our house is such a mess, we have been too embarrassed to open the blinds for what feels like weeks. Actually, it might be weeks.

Someone pointed out that this is a good exercise in figuring out what you really need… well, its safe to say that our kitchen is only stocked with the essentials. Those boxes have been unpacked and repacked a hundred times already. The things we don’t really need are the things we have dug out from the depths of the wardrobe, or under the beds. We have made multiple drops to local charity shops, ebay’d, given away, recycled and dumped (only what couldn’t be used in any other way). Growing up, we moved quite a lot. I remember seeing boxes being taken from one house to the next without ever being unpacked. They’re probably still in the old shed. Maybe those boxes hold forgotten treasures but it’s more likely they hold several years worth of bank statements, or something even more boring, that no one ever wanted to deal with.

We only want to take things with us that won’t sit in a cardboard prison for the next 10 years. Somehow, we still have so much to move. Not to mention all the furniture to dismantle… Thankfully, my role on moving day is to entertain the baby.

During the chaos, we have been trying to continue wasting as little as possible in our daily routine. The problem is, our routine is all over the place. Even the baby has decided to abandon routine. Who needs sleep at a time like this anyway?

Time to come clean…

We ordered Dominoes (just because we didn’t have enough boxes already). With dips.

And chocolate Hobnobs.

We’ll do better next week.

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